XBert AI Audit

Works tirelessly even whilst you sleep

XBert is the AI Advisor that makes you a better bookkeeper, helping you deliver higher quality results to your clients


Detecting anomalies to avoid potential risk


Finding potential errors and making it easy for you to resolve them


Identifying patterns and trends to help you provide the best advice

More than 60 XBerts that runcontinuously in the background

XBert (eXpert Business alERT) audit processes automatically run in the background on your bookkeeping files checking everything from ABN's to unusual billing behaviour.

Know exactly what needs to be addressed, with XBert’s sophisticated AI and machine learning algorithms alerting you to errors and inconsistencies as they arise.

Work from anywhere! Address issues, collaborate with your clients and complete work on the run with our mobile-friendly site.

Integrate with XBert Workflows for complete visibility across your working days, and peace of mind nothing is getting missed.

XBerts for Banking Transactions

Covering banking details including

Unreconciled transactions last month

XBert will alert you if there are unreconciled transitions in a bank statement, in the previous calendar month.

Contact bank account changes

Alerts you when bank account details have been changed and informs you of the new details

Contact bank account same as employees or suppliers

Potential fraud flags, like if an employee and supplier have the same bank account.

Email integration

Know when your clients are missing attachments from their expense claims.

XBerts For Your Bookkeeping Practice

Covering time-consuming bookkeeping checks

VAT/GST checks

Alerting you when something isn’t right with a business GST or VAT status

Lock date set ( or not set )

Know when a lock date has ( or hasn’t ) been set

GST registration required

Be alerted when businesses are approaching the threshold to register for GST

Non-GST or VAT account with GST or VAT against it

Alerting you to GST or VAT being paid to unregistered businesses

XBerts For Business Management

Covering your contract/company record data

GST activity without ABN's

Be alerted when contract ABN’s don’t line up with the tax status

Incorrect ABN's

Know straight away if there is an error in contact ABN

Duplicate contacts

XBert will alert you when you have more than one contact with the same details.

Registered charity checks

Be notified when a donation claim is made against a non-registered charity

Missing contact details / incorrect tax references

Be alerted when your contacts are missing important details or issues with tax details.

Incorrect GST/VAT status

Be alerted when there are GST / VAT inconsistencies on a contact

XBerts for Tax and GST

Covering purchases and sales data

No attachments on bills

Keep track of what documents you need from your clients

Unpaid income

Get notified if you have outstanding invoices with a cancelled business

Cancelled businesses

Be alerted if payments or bills are associated with a cancelled business

Attachment ABN / VAT checks

Be alerted when there are discrepancies between contact and attachment ABNs/VAT status

Wrongly paid or unclaimed GST/VAT

Never miss wrongly coded or unpaid GST/VAT

Unusual payment, billing and invoicing behaviour

Be alerted to unusual behaviour from customers and suppliers

XBerts for Payroll

Covering payroll requirements

Superannuation liability checks

Be notified of liability payments before they’re due

Employee tax details

Get an alert when employee details are missing, or incorrect.

Long service leave entitlements

Alerts to help you manage long service leave entitlements.

Leave balance warnings

Be alerts when employees have excess leave entitlements.

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